“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

[“Our Common Future”, World Commission on Environment and Development]


Every since its foundation, Artsana has always remained close to people, offering innovative solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our brands stand out for their concern for the well-being of people, their children and their future. This care is naturally mirrored by active efforts in the social, environmental and ethical arena, for a responsible and sustainable business.

Alongside the growth and international expansion of its supply chain, Artsana has continuously strengthened its efforts for sustainable development through an ethical manufacturing program that is based on its own Code of Conduct and by adopting the voluntary standards for the sector.

The Group invests in Social Responsibility by inaugurating projects that are particularly relevant to its business, through partnerships with non-profits that share the company's vision. These are long term projects that are transparent in their objectives and in the results achieved.

As a further expression of the company's DNA, Artsana has undertaken the integration of the concept of sustainable development in all its business processes, making it part of the company's culture and strategy.

As of 2017, Artsana has adopted the UN Global Compact, supporting the United Nations objectives for sustainable development and reporting through the sustainability report regarding the company's social, economic and environmental performance, with the objective of engaging stakeholders in the results obtained and the challenges for the future


Download the 2018 sustainability report


Download the 2017 sustainability report


Download the 2016 sustainability report


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