Solid passion for life is the distinctive mark of a company in which passion, responsibility, respect and integrity are the basic values underlying the pursuit of development that cares about people. A company for which, for more than sixty years, those who become part of it are proud to contribute to a vast project that is not just entrepreneurial but also human. An international business that wants to continue to look beyond its boundaries. An international team that looks toward the future without losing sight of its roots set solidly in the history of a Group that boasts over half a century of history and thousands of stories behind it. A company that wants to stand out in the global market for its substance, innovative ability, simplicity, nearness and warmth and wants to do it through trademarks that in the world of health, child care and beauty have been able to achieve leading positions over the years. A challenge for all; a challenge that requires solid passion.


We are a dynamic and forward thinking International Group, with strong shared values. We are expanding rapidly. We want our brand to reflect all these elements.


Ours is an International Group with a big italian heart, headquartered in Grandate (CO)

We aim at excellence, operating with experience and innovation in the Baby, Health Care sectors.

Our purpose is to realise a great project, which is to accompany all the children of the world with our products and help adults, promoting the wellbeing of both through safe and effective solutions.
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