The Group started in 2012 the Aiuta con PiC (Help with PiC) project. The first partner of the project was the Dr. Ambrosoli Foundation and the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital, placed in the extremely poor area of Kalongo (north Uganda). The Memorial Hospital is one of the most important health organizations owing to the number of patients. The hospital guarantees in fact qualified healthcare to approximately 40.000 people every year.

In 2013, with the objective of being closer to the increasing national needs, the Aiuta con Pic (Help with PiC) project started supporting Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, a no profit organization that, since 1959, offers primary help to poor people. Just in 2015 Opera San Francesco donated 794.458 meals, 65.501 accesses to showers and 12.768 changes of clothes, treated 33.598 people and distributed 81.037 free medicines.



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