“I am convinced that observation is essential in life. It is only thanks to our curiosity, passion and sense of responsibility that we are able to bring our products to life”  

                                                               Sir Pietro Catelli

These were the words of Sir Pietro Catelli when he was asked to describe his entrepreneurial philosophy, a philosophy that continues to be the soul of the Artsana Group. Michele Catelli has, in fact, taken on the legacy passed on to him by his father:
“We are committed to doing everything within our power to guarantee our customers receive reliable and safe products: this is without doubt one of our major responsibilites”

As in the past, maximum attention is paid to the quality and safety of its products on a daily basis: Artsana Group gives importance to its constant collaboration with laboratories and certification bodies, among the most renowned and accredited at an international level. Moreover, in view of Artsana’s extensive know-how, skills and expertise and internal resources, it has been invited to actively participate in a number of international projects and work groups which focus on defining new safety and quality standards for the future. UA constant commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and carefully listening to the demands of its consumers.






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