The Artsana Group Headquarter is in Grandate: the offices from which the business strategies for all its brands are conceived and developed. The Headquarter also house the Health Care showrooms and the Baby Care areas, other than the new Training Village. This is the facility used to present all the latest products and communication projects to its branches, customers, distributors, agents and stakeholders... every now and again, Grandate becomes the centre of the world!
A special mention also goes to the Village of Ideas, the research and development area which develops new products, the production units and the storage warehouses.
The Artsana community often gathers at the L’Aquilone Restaurant, a wood and glass building which represents its name, in English - kite: a most particular design, with lots of natural light, and built to celebrate Artsana’s 50 years anniversary.
A restaurant that serves up to 1,000 hot meals every day, covering all the shift work hours and the entire Artsana Group Community: from the headquarter offices to the production units, including the Chicco Village, the Village of Ideas and the Toy Horse Museum.


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