BOPPY, THE PILLOW MUMS LOVE MOST: As the number one product in the United States for the last 25 years and winner of umpteen awards, Boppy has been chosen for 12 solid years as "Children's Product of the Year" by American judges. It was designed through the intuition of a mother, Susan Brown, in 1990 and it quickly spread until it reached a spontaneous brand awareness of 87% in its category. Among the top 10 most-popular brands for early childhood products, Boppy became a part of the Artsana Group in 2008. Following the acquisition, the expansion of Boppy in Europe began, leading to the accumulation of diverse successes and approvals. It was voted as the top-ranking product by Italian midwives and continues to grow in popularity rapidly, changing the breastfeeding and pregnancy experience: 98% of the parents who use it say they couldn't do without it.



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