We search for persons who are able to work in a team to achieve corporate business goals, develop innovative ideas and create new business opportunities. People who join the Artsana Group will be proud to have the chance to contribute to a major project that is not only business but also human related.

The Job Opportunities section provides information on open job positions

Fresh Graduates
Internships are another way of getting to know the Artsana Group. These apprenticeships are an opportunity for young graduates/undergraduates or those holding diplomas get “on field” experience to boost their level of education. They allow trainees to integrate themselves within the company and verify their interests and their professional aspirations. If, during the internship, a person proves to have not only the right potential, but also a passion, a desire to learn and experience team work, the internship can be transformed - if there is a vacant position in the relative department – into a job opportunity within the company.

Main insertion areas for each type of degree:

CommunicationLegal Dept.Marketing AdministrationSales Fashion ManufacturingPlanning Research&Development Purchases LogisticsQualityHuman Resources IT



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Experienced candidates
The Artsana Group offers managers and professionals customised growth itineraries according to previous studies and the wealth of professional experience already gained; this allows everyone to express their potential and enhance their knowledge and skills. This includes daily professional challenges, and the possibility of attending growth itineraries and opportunities at a national and international level, cross-functional job rotation thanks to specific training courses. What makes the difference is the ability to work to high quality standards, to achieve consistent results, work in teams with the "solid passion" that truly represents the spirit of the company.

Recruitment and selection
The Artsana Group uses various channels of recruitment the corporate website, major recruitment portals, career days and job fairs, working with universities, recruitment agencies, adverts, voluntary applications.
In order for applicants to be taken into consideration, their CV must be in our database. It is therefore necessary to fill out an online form to allow the selector panel to identify candidates with the qualities for the open job position.
Candidates can apply for one of the open job positions or propose their candidature voluntarily: in any case it is important to attach a CV in Word or PDF formats, to complete the application.

Candidates are assessed according to an array of characteristics that vary according to the position to be filled: qualifications, marks and regularity in studies, computer and language skills, specific technical knowledge, potential and managerial skills.
The first telephone contact leads to the actual recruitment process which, for junior profiles, foresees tests and individual and group interviews and, for senior profiles, more in-depth individual interviews with human resource and department managers.

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