Research & Development
Innovation in the Artsana Group is the result of interactive work between major external collaborations (Universities, Design Schools, Creativity Centres) and strong internal expertise: the Village of Ideas in Como and creative centres in the United States and China. The Artsana Group Research & Development department help materialise the development projects into actual products, managing all the necessary steps, from research to design, from planning to industrialisation of the same.

The Artsana Group is renowned for the maximum attention it pays to the quality and safety of its products, through constant cooperation with laboratories and certification bodies recognised at international levels, ISO standard certified manufacturing processes, active participation in international projects and work groups to establish new safety standards. The Quality Department has a critical role during all product development phases and also defines, implements and continuously improves the quality assurance and management procedures.

Planning is conducted in collaboration Management Control, Marketing and the business networks to define the annual purchasing and production budgets, forecasts and relative purchase or production plans. It ensures constant stock analysis and careful scheduling, reviewed on a regular basis to guarantee streamline supply and procurement management.

Roughly half of the Group's products are manufactured by the production plants in Europe: they all conduct their operations by implementing the endorsed quality management processes which comply with all reference standards applicable to the relative sectors at an international level (ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP), implementing policies and production schedules which respond to market demands and optimise production capacity through continuous improvement of the quality – cost ratio.


The task of the purchasing department is to guarantee sufficient stock of all raw materials, semi-processed and finished goods and services required by the Company to conduct its business. It includes scouting, cost management and vendor management activities.

Our supply and procurement activities are based on nurtured partnership relations. We have several logistic platforms, the most important of which is in Grandate (Como). The objective of the Artsana Group logistics division is to guarantee best possible services to our customers.

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