Administration (Finance, accounting, credit management and management control)
The Administration and Control departments implement Group decisions and have the task of collection and recording all economic and financial data, drafting budgets, forecasts, interim reports, generating and analysing all the data required by the company for decision making activities. It also guarantees internal audits and conformity of all financial activities with national and international regulations and standards.

The IT department provides active support for changes and innovation, implementing IT solutions based on extensive knowledge of technologies and the organisation and company processes. The IT teams must be able to anticipate new business/technological opportunities and identify innovative solutions to guarantee integration of the information flows and products, focusing on achieving synergy and facilitating scale economies.

Human resources
The mission of the Artsana Group Human Resources is to attract, valorise and retain persons who share corporate values and contribute their knowledge and expertise towards future growth of the Group. This is also achieved by the implementation of global HR processes which encourages international collaboration and cultural exchange programmes, providing mangers with the best possible instruments to manage their own resources. The HR department recruits, trains, organises development itineraries, professional and rewarding growth, employee and industrial relations administration.


The Legal department has the task of ensuring conformity with all applicable rules and regulations and is a fundamental reference point for corporate management and departments. Its main objectives include: managing all legal matters at a corporate level in order to prevent controversy and liability issues, guaranteeing legal overview in the various countries the Artsana Group operates in; it also defined and implements the legal procedures and guide lines to be adopted by the entire Group.


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