Marketing & Sales

This department works in an intense and rewarding manner on product innovation projects: from market analysis and evolutionary trends, the development of marketing plans through to the defining of marketing mix policies, solutions and operational choices. Next to the international product marketing brand development work which has the task of strengthening the identity and positioning our brand in the world, developing the value and image at the same time generating new business opportunities.

The sales area contributes to corporate profitability and growth of the same on the market, exploiting all business potential to the full. To achieve this we need to identify development goals, establish strategies and sales plans, define trade policies and operational priorities. Whilst the central structures guarantee, via data processing and analysis, information on market developments and systematic monitoring of sales results, the sales force conducting on field operations guarantees the correct position on the various distribution channels and profitable partnerships with our customers.

Communications within Artsana Group are organised in different ways:
- Using corporate communication strategies to present the institutional image of the Group throughout the world;
- brand communication based promotion, the image of different brands;
- strengthening, with internal communication, our organisational culture and alignment with corporate objectives and values.








Product Specialist
The product specialists focus on diabetes and child care requirements, providing product information to professionals in the health system and collaborate with the most renowned associations.

A group of professionals use their creativity to transform ideas and trends into our Chicco brand fashion and shoe collections. Designers, stylists, graphic designers, buyers, product managers, engineers and shoed designers work together to create the product: from researching for trends to the design, management of the collection to negotiating with suppliers, the creation of the models through to actual production.

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